Antique Clothing

Postillion Boots European

Late 17th or early 18thC Made of Boiled Leather (Cuir Bouilli) re-enforced with iron bands to protect the Postillion’s leg from the pole between the coach horses. Also known as Seven League Boots as worn by Puss in Boots!

One of a pair of Gambados
These were hung on the saddle for the rider to slip his foot into to protect his boots and clothes from the mud. Said to be predominantly used in the West country in the 19thC. Hardened leather and wooden soles.
Often mistaken as riding boots,
these were the forerunner to Wellington boots and were a working boot suitable for working in wet conditions. 19thC Leather upper and well studded soles.
We have more boots in the collection, do come and see them.
Ladies Long Riding Jacket
Early 20thC Tweed.
Lady’s Side Saddle Jacket

Rich Blue Velvet mid 19thC. Side Saddle habits frequently lost their skirts because they were cut up during the war to make clothes for children

Wicker Riding Hat

For use in hot countries, most likely used for pig sticking or polo.